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Your One-Stop-Shop for Construction Workers

Whether you’re looking for general laborers, skilled laborers or highly-skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen, we’ve got you covered—all under one roof.

Construction Staffing Experts

You’ll find that our proven solutions are the best option for contractors and subcontractors looking to find qualified construction workers quickly.

Solutions Across All Construction Sectors

We provide staffing solutions for construction contractors across all sectors of the industry, including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and infrastructure.

Save Time by Partnering with a Construction Staffing Agency

Our one-stop-shop approach gives your business the flexibility to request workers of all skill and certification levels, without having to work with multiple vendors.

Build an A-team, effortlessly.

The construction industry is short-staffed—and builders are feeling the pinch. Savvy builders choose to work with a construction staffing partner who can supplement or staff their entire workforce, so they can complete projects on budget and on time.

From strategy to delivery, we are here to make sure your business endeavor succeeds.

Lyla Michelangelo, ceo

Synergia Staffing Solutions is very professional, friendly and a great company to work with. I worked with Lyla and she was very helpful and responsive to my needs. I highly recommend this company

Travis Delane Ceo

I have worked with this agency for a few years now and they are the best agency to work with! If you are looking for flexible work hours, great communication, and high pay then working with Synergia Staffing Solutions is the solution

Ljilja Peltola Consultant

Synergia Staffing Solutions that cares about their clients & employees. I've experienced first-hand how committed they are to creating a dynamic, fun, effective & successful experience for everyone

Cedric Xiong Ceo

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